March 28, 2020

New Podcast from Ballast Point Ep 1

I'm locked down at home and always looking for new stuff to pass time, so I thought I'd share this excellent new podcast from (newly independent again!) Ballast Point Brewery. Hope you enjoy it too. I'll post all the episodes here or of course you can follow them on their YouTube channel.

Also note... I can't wait to get back out to San Diego when this is all over and visit them again.

Dedicated To The Craft Episode 1

"Ballast Point Specialty Brewer, Jeff Lozano, introduces the podcast and touches on bringing people together over a few beers, in a time where “together” isn’t really an option. He then chats with Home Brewer Jason Carlson about all things homebrewing, hop farms, driving Bono around OB, and more. Later, Jeff and Jason are joined by Chuy Hernandez, Ballast Point Sous Chef, to discuss how beer and food complement each other and a recipe for Sculpin Mac n’ Cheese."

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