December 31, 2018

Most Often Drank Beers of 2018

Here's a bit more depth on this Tweet if you give a rat's buzz... my top 10 in order were:

1. Lagunitas IPA
2. Lagunitas Sumpin' Easy
3. Stone Xocoveza
4. Bell's Hopslam
5. Mother's Winter Grind
6. Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA
7. Sweetwater 420
8. Rebel Kettle Headbanger's Ball
9. Great Raft Grace and Grit
10. Dogfish Head Liquid Truth Serum

Lagunitas IPA sits at the top for a few reasons... I love it, our rep in Arkansas (Courtney) is awesome and it's readily available at most restaurants and such. A lot of my check-ins are at Verizon Arena for concerts. Their Sumpin' Easy is right behind it because it's super tasty and available at our minor league park, where I spend a lot of time in the Summer.

I go wild for Bell's Hopslam in it's seasonal release.

Coffee beers are my 2nd favorite style, so Xocoveza and Winter Grind get lots of love, year round.

The only local beer on my list is Headbanger's Ball, and it was originally called "Half-Century Headbanger" and debuted at my 50th birthday party. And it's delicious.

Grace and Grit is the best beer Great Raft makes in my opinion, out of many awesome beers in their portfolio.

So yeah, add the other 3 from Dogfish Head and Sweetwater and many of these will be on my list for 2019 I'm guessing.

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