August 23, 2015

Victory Festbier, A Classic Märzen

Putting all the ridiculous "seasonal creep" arguments aside (it's just beer for the love of Sam!), I'm always excited when the pumpkin beers and Märzen hit the taps. I wouldn't care personally if they were both year round, but it is sort of fun to have to wait on them I guess. A new Märzen for me this year will be from a brewery that we just landed in the state this year, Victory Brewing. Check out more on their version, called Festbier, then go find you some.

From Victory:

"Some people say that a lager is nothing to throw a party over. Ever hear of something called Oktoberfest? 

We think some people have never tried our Festbier. Märzenbier (March beer) was the last reliably brewed style of beer in the time before refrigeration, so casks of this malty amber lager would sit in underground caves until September when brewing could start back up again. Now, what is a brewer to do when there’s so much beer to be brewed, but no cellar space to store it? Well, clearly, we need to clear out the cellar! Thus, Oktoberfest was born: a fantastic excuse to drink all that delicious stored Märzen. For our Festbier, we don’t think you need to have a terribly good excuse to throw a party, but throwing a party does make for a pretty good excuse to celebrate with a well-made lager! Celebrate #YourVictory…celebrate Festbier!"

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