January 11, 2015

Arkansas Untappd New Year Update

It's time for that little thing I like to do once a month where I check out how the state of Arkansas is doing on the Untappd app, and things sure are getting interesting. There was a pretty good jump overall in a lot of breweries monthly check-ins. More excitement for our beer industry? Better beers? People drink more during the holidays because being with their relatives is gut-wrenching? All of the above perhaps!

Let's get to it... 

Diamond Bear - 12,613 (496 monthly)
Core Brewery - 10,130 (589)
Fossil Cove - 4,487 (236)
Saddlebock - 4,410 (206)
Ozark Brew Co. - 3,357 (312)
Apple Blossom - 2,974 (242)
Stone's Throw Brewing - 1,818 (94)
Vinos Brew Pub - 1,620 (49)
West Mountain - 1,346 (56)
Lost Forty Brewing - 794 (544)
Moody Brews - 454 (86)
Bike Rack Brewing - 239 (79)
Blue Canoe Brewing Co - 196 (91)
Rebel Kettle Brewing - 77 (1)
Flyway Brewing - 57 (4)
Gravity Brew Works - 33 (10)

Top 5 monthly check-ins for the past calendar month:

1. Core Brewery - 589
2. Lost Forty - 544
3. Diamond Bear - 496
4. Ozark Brew Co. - 312
5. Apple Blossom - 242

And what did we learn?

* Lost Forty is soaring! After their first full month, they're all the way up to 2nd in monthly check-ins and are climbing up the overall totals like an itsy-bitsy spider on a water spout!

* Core became the 2nd Arkansas brewery to eclipse 10K total check-ins!

* 2 of the top 5 monthly leaders are central Arkansas now, so statewide things are getting more leveled out.

* Moody Brews just released their 2nd beer, so with 2 beers on the market now it'll be fun to watch their numbers. Both are big beers though, so it's no like people are going to sit around and drink a 6-pack at once (but I sure do my share). Quality over quantity for these guys.

* Apple Blossom and Lost Forty bumped Fossil Cove and Saddlebock out of the top 5 monthly check-ins. The awesome collaboration with Moody Brews shows up as their beer technically in the numbers, since it was brewed there.

Great numbers overall, but Arkansas still has a long way to go. Here's some numbers for the sake of comparison. These are a few of my favorite near-by breweries:

Mother's Brewing (Springfield, MO) - 73,388 (2,925)
Coop Ale Works (Oklahoma City, OK) - 28,068 (1,284)
Marshall Brewing (Tulsa, OK) - 26,905 (1,254)

Those are just a few regional favorites. If you get into national powers, like let's say Sixpoint Brewery launching here this week...

Sixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, NY) - 559,589 (15,074 in a freakin' month!)

So you can see we've still got a ways to go to run with the big dogs, but the Arkansas dogs are barking. Feed 'em!!

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